week 10 non-challenger survey

My granmother says it looks wonderful because she thinks she could never do such a beautiful page. The thing that captured her attention was the little red puppy at the bottom of the page. Something that distracted her was the little hairy dude with all the colors behind him. She thought that I should add more detail to my paragraphs and add brighter colors.

week 10 self survey

I have made many posts this year here is an exact count 20. All of my posts where set by the post. I recieved a lot of comments from my mentor Allie and my teacher Ms.Anderson. I got the most comments on my all about me page because I think people like to get to know the real you and how you operate. I enjoyed writing the Phillie post because I feel that I know them so good there is so much to tell you about. I have nine widgets and to help you on a blog that is not enough there is never enough for anything. I do not have any people’s blogs on my blog roll overseas.

Week 8 digital dossier

I have joined many sites I will tell you a couple Twitter, Facebook,and voki. When I joined these sites I gave them my phone number, email, and full name. When I googled my name I found A picture of me and my baseball team and a picture of me and my friends at a white water  football camp. I am listed on Columbus football.org. I have had left five footprints behind.