Philidaphia Phillies: week 4

It is one of my favorite sports to watch, but not play baseball. Do you have a favorite team? My favorite team is the Phillies. My favorite player is Ryan Howard who is trying to come back from an injury. He bats fourth because of his power and plays first because he has a lot of strength and can stretch. They have an ok pitching rotation with Cole Hamels and and Roy Holliday. They will have a good season, but not a great one losing some starters to some major injuries.|es|

middle school problems 2 week 1

Have you ever heard of a clique? A clique is a group of people sharing the same traits. I think Im in a clique of jocks because we play sports year round. Being in a clique is a good way to get involved with people have some laughs and  play games or sports with friends.Well here is a question for you do you think you’re in a clique if so with who and do they make a good influence on you? I was once told to be kept in a clique you must hold your end by hanging out and having a laugh. Being in a clique means not to cocky, but to be nice and friendly.

week 3 all about me

Hi there,

My name is Christian I love shooting hoops in my free time and also listening and getting new sons on my iPod touch. i never leave my house without my iPod touch or my kindle fire. My favorite game to play on my ps3 is NBA 2K12. My favorite team in the NBA is the Oklahoma City Thunder on the Thunder my favorite player is Kevin Wayne Durant. He went to College one year and worked hard enough to make it on the Seattle Super Sonics. Why is he my favorite player because he worked on basketball his whole life and managed to work through hard times and that’s what I hope to do when I am growing up. I love to watch my NFL hero play football who is that you ask well of course Peyton Manning. Him being my favorite player where ever he goes to play I will be right there with his jersey on cheering. He is my favorite no matter what even though my whole family are packer fans.